About Mohini Plant

This plant is the precious gift of nature, by planting the miraculous plant of Mohini at your home or business, Lakshmi will remain forever-in-home and in business, and happiness, peace, and prosperity will never be reduced.

Dreaming is not a bad thing, but changing them, in reality, is the biggest truth in life, for realizing dreams into reality is depends on the positive energy around us. The plant of the Mohini communicates positive energy, the path to success Paves.

Who does not want money in today’s world? Knower’s say that there is no restriction on earning more money in any religion, but it should be earned by hard work. In this way, everyone wants to earn more money.

People also earn money, but the problem arises there that, despite earning money constantly money does not sustain at home or business. … Experts also believe that everyone wants that his safe is always full. Many times even after hard work, the money in the house does not sustain. In this case, the person starts to feel disturbed, because of which someone  has to face many problems.

According to Vastu Shastra, the way every part of the house affects our lives similarly plants kept for decoration in the home also have a positive and negative effect on our lives. Mohini’s plant is also one of the same plants, out of them .

Mohini Podhadha removes the architectural ( VASTU ) defects of your home and shop.

Although earning money is not so easy, it takes hard work to earn money, but sometimes hard work does not come as expected. We do not say that you leave the hard work. But when the hard work does not give money accordingly, there is a lacking something, this plant removes the same deficiency as if the drowning is grasping at straws, it gives great support to succeed.


This plant pulls money into a home like a magnet. Just like a Vaastu Shastra is in India, in the same way,  Chinese’s Vastu  is known as Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, this plant takes money in the home like a magnet,  the name of this plant is – Mohini Plant.

Very easy to keep at home

1- There is no shortage of money in the home by planting this plant of Mohini in the home. In the case of money, it works like a magnet. It is a dilapidated plant, whose leaves are wide, it is a very soft and delicate plant.

2- The leaves of the plants are wide, the velvet enough is applied on the hand, in which the color of its leaves is red and yellow mixed, neither is completely red nor yellow. Its leaves are not as weak as other plants, it does not fade or breaks when it is hand-folded.

It does not require much effort in care, like a money plant it does not say much for care. There is no need to give it water every day. If water is given after 2-3 days then this plant does not dry up. 4- You can grow it in the shade even at home, it does not take much space of your house, so you can put it in a small pot too.

5-This plant should be kept near the main door of the house. From where the door to enter the house opens, it is placed in the right and it is placed in it. In a while, it starts showing its effect. Along with money, happiness brings happiness in the house as well.

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This will arrive at your home by courier or post office in 5-7 days. The total value of this plant 989 / – ( 1 +1 free ) Besides there is no extra charge, the delivery charge and cash on delivery charge will be free. If you want to gift it to someone, then you can give him the address directly.